labels are for those afraid of facing reality

(so, what am I?)

I am such a writer that I tell myself stories to put myself to sleep sometimes.
I write all the time. I write anything and everything. I've written about abuse and other unpleasant topics. I apparently depicted it very well, which is interesting since I've never been abused (well, physically. Verbally = those fun days of middle school). Then again, I write about love all the time and I, myself, have never felt it.
I write FIRST PERSON, SECOND PERSON, and THIRD PERSON. I write PAST and PRESENT tense. I write the typical boy/girl, girl/girl and boy/boy if the characters and the timing is right. I have no control over where my little minions roam. In fact, sometimes, I feel like they control me, wandering in wild directions I never could have predicted. But, I forgive them because I love what I do and how it makes me feel. Writing makes me feel like someone is there and like there's more than just me in the world. Because, when I'm writing, there's always someone who understands and always someone for me to understand, someone who needs me to tell his or her story, whatever it may be. It is my pleasure and my duty to do so.
I also write plays, scripts, and poetry. I don't like poetry, so I try not to do the last one that often.
Thank you for reading. Comment if you read.